What Is Website Content?

whatiswebsitecontent 300x225 What Is Website Content?

What Is Website Content? The stuff that gets you noticed.

Content comes in many different forms.

You definitely need writing when you make a website. Without it the search engines have nothing with which to classify your on-line site. The text contains markers, or keywords, that the search engines use to rate your site.

Hence why written content is vital.

Beyond this, various other forms of content add additional benefit to your created web pages.

Sometimes they give your pages a massive boost. Other times just a little lift.

Though make no mistake, it is the combined effect that is important. So never discount stuff that may have a small impact. When you add it together, you get the combination that raises your site up.

So what other types of content should you think about?

Well, looking at plain text gets pretty boring. So something to liven it up would be good. Pictures can be very easily added to your on-line site. When they are optimised properly they also provide a good boost to your site.

Google along with Yahoo and Bing all love multimedia content. So adding in correctly formatted pictures is a really good thing to do.

Plus they improve the user experience too. As such they create a second boost to your site via social media networking. Something which really comes into its own when you look at the viral effect.

The vast majority of viral content is images. Well chosen, well formatted, and catchy images that is.

Though you can take it further still.

Streaming or downloadable content in the form of mp3′s and podcasting provides another massive boost to your site.

They can also help in that people can then create a deeper rapport with you. When people can hear your voice they can identify with you better. So you build a stronger relationship with them. You can become less an entity or stranger. You can become a friend.

The best thing you can do though is add video to your site. Something which is fairly easy to do. If you are working with the right hosting, WordPress and a high quality theme that is.

Video is adored by search engines. Especially Google. Do a search on almost anything and you will find video on the first page of Google. It is clearly noted as a top way to get a message to people. It also builds much better rapport then words, pictures or sounds on their own.

People love video too. It is much nicer at times to watch someone explain something, than to read through pages of stuff. Plus it is more personal.

There are many more reasons for using these different types of content. These are some of the main ones for you to think about though.

What Is Website Content?

Bascially Website Content is what gets your message to your users and customers. Without it you can tell no story or share no knowledge.

What Is Website Content? Writing, Images, Audio and Video.

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